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Taihu, Suzhou, Jiangsu



Route:Taihu Yuyang mountain→Taihu bridge→misty peaks→Xishan National Forest 
Park→Lin Wu hole. (X204 road→X206 Road)

Introduction to the track:Yuyangmountain TaihubridgeMisty PeaksXishan national forest parkLinwu Cave→X204road→X206road.And total length44.66KM ,the average altitude is below 40 meters.

Advantage:1.This track is one of suzhou's most classic routes and you can see all of the beautiful view by bike.

Since ancient times Yuyangmountain is the best place to watch the beautiful scenery of Taihu Lake. Named after the Wu Zixu "thanks to the mountains" story.Yuyangmountain with water on three sides, and the Taihu Lake riding is the hearts of the most classic line of domestic riding friengs.The water of Taihu Lake goes hand in hand,thousands of hectares of Taihu Lake,a wide expense of misty waters, riding on the bridge, blowing the lake is very comfortable, misty peaks, forest house holes are all worth to see.

Advantage:2.A land of abundance,with beautiful mountains and water.

    Taihu Lake is the mother lake of jaingnan,it is the water township of the natural sense,it is the jiangnan of the cultural category.Wide Taihu water nourish the beauty of Wu Yue culture,making it the "land of abundance",the natural scenery of Taihu Lakeis not only its rolling mountains,exquisite islands and lush vegetation,its wetland landscape is very unique. 

Advantage:3.A bite of Taihu.

    Abundant in Taihu Lake,the four seasons flower fragrance,fish and shrimp,especially western hills east of loquat,waxberry,Taihu Lake three freshwater fishes,TaihuLake crab is the most famous.In recent years,Biluochun is tired of the spring is even higher, the traditional famous and then into the upstart.


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