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Anji Tianhuangping



Riding point 1: The training blessed ground of the king of climbing

     The opening stage of the 2016 Tour of Zhejiang Bicycle Race was in Anji. There are about 18 kilometers of climbing stages in the whole course, from 100 meters above sea level to 1000 meters above sea level. Can you become the king of climbing? Come and challenge!

Riding point two: the vast bamboo sea

   Anji, a beautiful village in China, has China Bamboo Expo Park and Zhejiang Zhuxiang National Forest Park. That bamboo green, you are riding in the green! Absolutely environmentally friendly riding.

Riding point 3: Tianchi Pearl

   Nantianchi is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction. Located in Tianhuangping, nearly a thousand meters above sea level, surrounded by green bamboos and surrounded by mountains, it relies on the Tianhuangping Pumped Storage Power Station, the largest in Asia and the second in the world, and combines the majestic power station buildings with beautiful and charming The combination of natural scenery has become a beautiful landscape in Anji's eco-tourism.

Ride point four: Anji on the tip of your tongue

   Anji white tea-shaped like a phoenix feather, leaves are jade white, stems and veins are emerald green, fresh and sweet

Riding point five: Cultural Anji

  Historical celebrities-Wu Changshuo, Hu Zongnan


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