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Fuchun River, Hangzhou, Zhejiang



Fuchun River, a river in the middle of Zhejiang Province. Another name for the section from Meicheng Town, Jiande City, Qiantang River down to Wenjiayan in Xiaoshan District. A total length of 110 kilometers, flowing through the two counties of Tonglu and Fuyang, Zhejiang Province. From 5 kilometers below Meicheng to the vicinity of Lucibu is the canyon section.
The mountains on both sides of the Fuchun River are clear and beautiful, and the river water is clear and blue. It is known for its beautiful water colors. It also has many villages and market towns with strong local characteristics, which enhance the Fuchun River and Xin'an River picture scrolls. The Fuchun River area used to be known as the "Little Three Gorges", "the world's best landscape, ancient and modern promote Fuchun". At the point where the tributary Xuxi flows into, there are historical sites such as "Zixu Ferry" and "Wuzixu Bie Temple". The landscape of Fuchun River is depicted in Wu Jun, a writer of Liang Dynasty, in his "Book of Thoughts with Zhu Yuan" ("A hundred li from Fuyang to Tonglu, strange mountains and different waters, unique in the world"). Since the construction of the Fuchun River Hydropower Station downstream, this area has been flooded into a reservoir. The water of the Yangtze River is like a mirror, and the two banks are dotted with green hills. The "Seven Miles of Sail" has become one of the eight scenic spots of Yanling today.


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