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Tongji Lake Scenic Area, Pujiang , Zhejiang



Jihu Lake (Tongjiqiao Reservoir) has a storage capacity of 58 million cubic meters and a water area of 5 square kilometers. There are 6 islands in the lake, dozens of peninsulas, beautiful scenery, known as "Hundred Island Lake". At the northern foot of Maoping Mountain in Hubei, there is the tomb of the famous modern painter Wu Zhi (1900-1977). Wu Zhi's poetry, calligraphy and printing are excellent, and he is an important figure in the "Zhejiang School of Painting". There are four golden mountains in Hunan. It is said that gold, wood, fire and earth are all found here. Since the Song Dynasty, the style of writing has been prosperous and celebrities have emerged in large numbers. In the Qing Dynasty and before, Wu Wei was famous for the Yuequanyin Society that quake the southeast. The top of the rock is flat and there is Dongyan Temple in the southwest. Climb to the top of the rock to see the panoramic view of the reservoir; to the northeast, you can see the whole city of Puyang. Under the dam of the reservoir, at the head of Yangtian Village, there is an ancient camphor tree with an age of more than 1,380 years, a diameter at breast height of 3 meters, a height of 7 meters, a crown of more than 1,000 square meters, a canopy and a mantle tent.

Tongji Lake is located 3 kilometers west of Pujiang County and the upper reaches of Puyang River. It is sandwiched by two major mountains in the middle and south of Pujiang River. The scenic area is 6 square kilometers and there are more than 10 scenic spots.


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